Martin Hirst

AUT Associate Professor is going to be an adviser to the EPMU's inquiry into the state of journalism in NZ.

Hirst writes in The Press that as a marxist he regards the USSR, Eastern Europe, China and Cuba not as communist states but as “totalitarian forms of state-capitalism”. This is a common view it seems from Marxists and Maoists.

My goodness, isn't this a wonderful twisting of words. Even the nasty communist states are capitalists so hence capitalism is and communism is pure light and goodness.

And in the free market West we merely have a “charade of democracy”.

Funny how so many millions of people always want to escape the communist countries for the so called charade of democracy.

Associate Professor Hirst is in charge of the journalism curriculum at AUT incidentially.

So of course a man can debate issues on the facts. He would never of course call someone a neo Nazi just because he disagrees with their political views.

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